Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dracula is back and so are the scandals

Dracula's first episode was premiered on 25th October 2013 and within a month gossips and craziness engulfed it. Jonathan Rhys Meyer - the Godlike Henry VIII of Tudors - is tempting enough to attract audience, add bloodlust and sexiness of world's Original Vampire Dracula and it's an explosion.

Violence and Sex = Vampires. 
The creators of Dracula knows that and they have done everything to portray that and even though the critics and audience loved every single blood dripping, stake burning, steamy sex scenes, there will always be people who will hate it. Thus enters One Million Moms. They believe that Dracula is "extremely violent" and "extremely too graphic in too many ways". Everyone is entitled to their views but mailing L'Oreal, Revlon, Olive Garden and other companies to drop their plans to financially support the program, isn't that harassment? If on doesn't wish to watch the program they just shouldn't and if they are worried their children are watching something they shouldn't then there is this amazing new technology known as parental control, use it!

Dracula Season 1 episode 1:
Rating: 5/5

Alexander Grayson (Jonathan Rhys Meyer) is "supposedly" from America and has came to England with his wealth and technology. It goes without saying that the real reason for his arrival is vengeance and it's going to be smart and stylish war between protagonist and antagonist. 

Alexander Grayson have everything one could want so what could he need from Jonathan Harker, a journalist? 
Ans: Beautiful, innocent, lovely Mina who might be his wife or lover in her last life.

Personally, I found Dracula very refreshing. It's Gothic with contemporary touch and strong feminist inclination. It's Dracula without "Vampires are so evil" and "Women are women". This change is so drastically shown in the end of the first episode. It's mind boggling. Even if you have read Bram Stoker's Dracula, you are gonna be captured by the twists and originality of the show. Strong plot, great actors and Gorgeous clothes! Definitely must watch.

Last but not the least, the troubled artist Jonathan Rhys Meyer with his history of substance abuse. NBC decided to withheld major part of his salary to make sure that Jonathan completes the 10 episodes of the series soberly. Let's hope he doesn't overdose again and their are many more seasons to come.

Arushi Raj

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