Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

Railway track flooded with water
Photo by Siju Thomas V
I know it's really important that it rains for agricultural reasons. I love walking in rain, I love sitting on my bed and looking outside the window while it's raining and love eating hot pakodas while it rains. What I don't like is waiting for local trains at 6 am in station as they are running late due to excessive rains and when it does come, the trains are overflowing, muddy and smelling from all the sweat and what-not. What I don't like is swimming in huge ponds of stagnant waters with cars and dogs. What I don't like is waiting for bus for an hour and still there is no clue where the bus is.
Playground flooded with water
Photo by Arushi Raj

So, as long as I am sitting in my home I am super happy with rain but if I have to go to college or for some party then please rain, rain go away; come again another day!

Arushi Raj