Monday, 6 May 2013

Yummy Guys with Tattoos

Paul Wesley:
The Yummy Vampire Diaries star have a Gorgeous Rose tattoo. I guess the first time I fell in love with it was when Stefan was fighting the need for human blood by exercising and his tattoo flexed with his muscles. Drool! 
Originally the tattoo was something else which he got at the age of 15 but when he reached the legal age Paul really hated it and decided to get the rose tattoo to cover it up.
The Vampire Diaries producers decided to let Paul aka Stefan have some ink instead of covering it up every time they showed Stefan shirtless. GOOD MOVE!!!!

Adam Levine: 
  • 222 - the tattoo on his forearm is the number of doors of the very first studio Maroon 5 recorded in.
  • A paw print on the back of his right shoulder with Frankie Girl underneath it. Frankie is the name of his Golden Retriever.
  • The Sanskrit script on the left chest may mean Sun. It's been too long since I had learnt Sanskrit. If it doesn't means sun then Oopsey.....
  • Adam was born in Los Angeles and therefore he got it in cursive on the upper right bicep.
  • The Roman X, i.e., 10 either represents 10 years anniversary of Maroon 5 or 10 years with Jesse Carmichael's friendship.
  • My personal favorite amazingly detailed and gorgeous Guitar on the left side.
  • After 9/11 events he got a beautiful tattoo of Dove and Cherry Blossoms to remember all the lives that were lost.
  • Not to forget the awesome tiger Tattoo. It's fantastic.
The first time I saw Adam's tattoo was in the show "The Voice". I had seen the videos of Maroon 5 songs but I don't know how I never noticed that he has tattoos. Silly me....

Alexander Pettyfer:

All in all he have 7 tattoos but nobody knows where the 7th tattoo is. Hmmmmmm
  • The first one is the Celtic Cross with his date of birth beneath it. It's kinda a combination of Christian cross with a circle.
  • My bloody favorite "What goes around comes around". This is my motto in the life and if I could ever muster the courage to get a tattoo then I will definitely get this one!
  • There is a conflict between the third one, its ER. People say it means Emma Roberts but he says that it means Elizabeth Royal. He claims to be a big fan of Elizabeth the second.
  • He has a tattoo of Emma on his ring finger for his girl friend but sadly they broke up. :-(
  • Inside his forearm there is and Arabic script tattoo which might mean "Your mind is stronger than you body". From what I can see he has a pretty strong and sexy body so hopefully his mind is even better.
  • Below his waist he got his name tattooed in Japanese. 

Chad Murray:
On the show "One Tree Hill" Lucas Scott gets a Japanese tattoo while having wild time with Brooke Davis. As far as I know Chad have four tattoos. Relax on his inner right wrist, his initials CMM and a cross on his inner left wrist along with the Japanese word.

Personally I am super scared of needles but I love tattoos. The tragedy of my life. The only thing I don't understand is why these "Super Sexy Guys" have tattoos in Sanskrit, Japanese ans Arabic? Who will understand that anyway! I know it's not my place to judge but COME ON! Thankfully they made up for that fact by some pretty cool tattoos. Even though Adam have most tattoos I prefer Paul Wesley more. First, Beauty in Simpicity, I just loved the rose plus the story behind is pretty funny. The reason Chad Murray is last is because of his CMM tattoo. That one looks tacky and overcrowded. Still I love them all.....

Arushi Raj


  1. whats the funny story behind paul wesleys tatoo?

    1. Nobody knows, he never told.