Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Book Reviews

I am no expert of Literature or anything like that but I am a die-hard Novel-Worm. So this post is just to share my all time Favorite books and some of their reviews with you all.
I definitely enjoyed reading these books, hopefully you will too....
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1. Top 10 Mangas I Love
It's the list of my favorite mangas. Making this list was soooo difficult. Partly because I have read lots and lots and lots of Mangas and so it was pretty difficult to choose the top 10 but mostly because I admired all the mangas . The stories and awesome characters - my God they are all amazing. But in the end these are my top 10.

2. A Telephone Call by Dorothy Parker
I fell in love with Dorothy Parker after reading her poem Resume. A Telephone Call didn't disappoint me at all. It is such a simple story with even simpler perspective that it's simplicity throws you off balance.

3. Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz
This is a very sassy novel with a very original plot. I read Melissa de la Cruz's short story "Shelter Island" which is based on the Blue Blood series and I immediately got hooked.

4. Top 10 Crime Novels I Love
We live in a century obsessed with crimes and intrigued by cunning heartless murderers. Hence, these top 10 Crime Novels to satiate the appetites of crime and mystery lovers.

5. Top 10 Novels featuring Revolution
I love history. My History teacher commented in her first lecture that history is nothing but "His-Story" hence we need to learn history as if we are reading a story. Stories and History goes hand in hand and if you like castles and gowns and ball dancing mixed with manipulation and backstabbing in royal courts then Historical Fiction is your genre. I have always been fascinated by Revolution, after all it gave birth to our present society. Therefore, these top 10 novels that are set in the time of revolution.

6. Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar
I saw Gossip Girl serial before I read Gossip Girl that is why I like the serial more than novel series but the books are interesting and you just can't keep them down.

7. The Devil wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger
Both the novels are completely different and yet similar to each other or maybe I felt they are because I read them back to back but they are chic and they are small. I finished both in two hours so they are perfect to spend time in flight. Plus, reading definitely distracts you from stupid air pressure and weird feeling in the ear. It's a better and way healthier distraction than eating candies....

8. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
I am sure all the Twilight lovers and haters have already read this novel and there is no need to write a review for this one but Twilight literally changed the way vampires were perceived and it can't really be ignored when writing book reviews. I bought Twilight just before New Moon was released in India. I had no idea about the series, the only reason I bought it because the cover page was Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's photo. Yes, I judge book by covers especially when the cover is so so so Gorgeous. Anyhoo I realized that Twilight was a big deal while changing the channels and stumbling on New Moon trailer. Now I had read the whole series 28 times and counting....

9. Top 11 Angel Novels I Love
My first Angel novel was Angel by L. A. Weatherly where angels are actually bad guys and since that series I have fallen in love with angels....

10. Top 10 Fashion Novels
I love novels and I love fashion, ergo I love fashion novels; simple.

11. Top 20 Supernatural Short stories
For those who don't have either patience or attention span to read whole novels. I am a sucker for supernatural hence that is the only genre where I have read most of the short stories. 

12. Top 10 Vampire Novels I love
Last but definitely not the least, my all time favorite Vampire Novels. 50% of my library is filled with Vampire Novels. This is the hardest post I had ever written. Choosing top 10 was like choosing between chocolate and mangoes - Impossible. But somehow I did it.

Arushi Raj

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