Friday, 5 April 2013

Things to do before the result comes out....

There are some silly kids around us who fret and worry and waste their whole summer vacations wondering what their results would be but some smart people like me enjoy as much as we can before we are trapped in a dungeon for at least 2 to 4 months.

Few pointers from my 'have-fun' book which serious-about-career people can definitely use:

1. Party!
Giving an exam is like fighting a battle for us, we never forget how much we worked hard (allegedly) and we shouldn't let our parents forget that too. So once the exams are over it is only fair that we party even harder to bring up our spirits. For those who have strict parents who do not approve of you partying OUTSIDE can bring party at your home. Call all your friends, order insane amounts of Pizza and burgers, watch crappy movies and play music in an unbearably high volume. After that either your parents will send you out to party from next time or they will send you out, period.

2. Go on a shopping spree....
There is nothing more distracting than shopping. Choosing, looking over the costs, bargaining like hell, they distract you immensely. Personally, I had bought two pair of sandals and a pair of boots, thirteen novels and an Ultrabook. The another positive aspect of shopping is that there is a high possibility that after the results are out your parents won't be inclined to buy stuff for you so it's better to buy everything you can when there is still hope in their hearts that your result would be brilliant and that we might even top in class.

3. Make a trip
Go somewhere aside from your home town. Goa or Paris! Wherever the hell you want. If you don't have time to go out of state because of some internship or something like that then take a road trip or just go on a very long drive on Sundays. There is nothing more liberating than being on road listening to your favorite band and just feeling wind against your face.

4. Save some alone time
It is great to be with your friends in vacations especially after all the months of projects, presentations and exams but it has also been a long since you have spent time with yourself. So do whatever you want to do, alone. Give yourself a me-time because once the result comes the cycle will start again. Get admission, go to classes and before you know it you would be taking pics of the Unit Test Time Table. I Love to curl up on my bed and read novels which is also one of the reasons that I have finished reading five novels in last ten days.

5. Learn something freaky
Enroll yourself in classes and from classes I don't mean sucky tutorials to start studying for the next term. Start something you always dreamt of doing because trust me this is the only time we will get. As soon as we get out of college and in the "real world" there would be no time to learn to play guitar or learn salsa. If not that then learn a new language, I am learning french which is super crazy and super hard and I am super sure that I am going to forget English before I can learn how to speak in French but it's fun, a little daunting but fun.

6. Run
We all plan to get fit or loose weight but between the classes and all the junk we eat there is no time to exercise. Well now's the time. Run or walk, go to gym or just dance but try to become healthier. Why? Three reasons a) it's great for your heart, lungs and mind  b) It makes your skin more healthy c) most importantly it eases stress and even though our parents think we are kings and queens with no worries in the world we all know that being a teenager or even a young-adult is the most stressful job in the world so RUN!

Have great vacations and hopefully we will get a great result too, fingers crossed.

Arushi Raj

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