Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Sky

The view from my window at Night
Encyclopedia Sky
I have sixteen different encyclopedias in my home but I only used them to either see pictures of dinosaurs or universe. The black sky and all those tiny stars shining in the page seemed like a fantasy to me. It was really hard to believe that this is the same sky that is over my head. I mean in the best days I would see two or three stars and the sky would never be as dark as it was in picture. My sky is kinda grey-ish with ghostly white clouds dancing in it and this is why the sky in encyclopedia always amazed me. Until one day when I was in Mahabaleshwar on a mountain in some sort of mini-carnival and the light went out. In the three minutes it took for them to get the generator started I saw a pitch black sky with millions of stars in them, my encyclopedia sky. Till this day, I haven't seen anything more gorgeous than that.

The view from my building at morning
Men can try as much as they want but when it comes to beauty I don't think there is any man-made thing that can beat nature. Just look outside your window for two minutes. The swaying of the trees, different birds chirping and flying, the varying change in the colors of sky and the serenity of the vista, it's all breathtaking. 

Some believe it was God who created Universe, some say it was a bunch of reactions, well whoever or whatever the hell did it, He/She/It is the greatest artist in the world.

Arushi Raj

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