Monday, 22 April 2013

Kristen Stewart is Gorgeous...

As a die-hard twilight fan I too was disappointed when I watched the Twilight movies. Kristen Stewart's acting was horrendous, she killed Bella. No doubt she is pale enough to be Bella but her acting, UGH! 

I recently saw Snow White and the Huntsman and no her acting has not improved. Thankfully she was given extremely less lines so the movie was salvageable but what really made it worth watching was Kristen's cold pale beauty. She can't act but she is definitely Snow White. Her complexion is divine. She is covered in mud, her dress is torn and still she manages to look gorgeous. She truly is as white as snow. Combine that with great costumes, awesome effects and breathtaking scenery and the movie rocks! Her eyes, her lips everything reminded me of Snow White. 

In the starting there was a scene where Queen Eleanor touches a red rose and three drops of blood falls on the snow and the Queen wishes that her child would be as white as snow with lips as red as blood, hair as dark as raven and with the strength of that defiant rose; well Kristen Stewart managed to bring that impossible picture to life.

After watching that movie I browsed through some of Kristen's pics and found some wonderful pics of her in which she was looking so so so beautiful. These are some of my favorites:

Even though she is wearing casuals, she looks stunning with her disheveled hair and care-free smile.
She is in a suit but I haven't seen anyone look more feminine. Her eyes have this mischievousness which is encouraged by her almost-faint smile. 

Nude colored dress + rich dark brown hair + lovely red lipstick = WOW

I love love love her dress. It's bold, it's sexy and it's perfect.

Mama Mia! This photo is the definition of sexy. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well thank God because I am speechless.

How come someone look so awesome with crutches! Not fair but Kristen can pull off even crutches as an accessory. 

By no means I have suddenly started loving Kristen as an actress but no doubt she is one of the most gorgeous brunette in the world.

Arushi Raj

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