Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I am no saint but here's my understanding of Karma, mostly it just means what goes around comes back around. The idea is whatever you do, good or bad, you have to face its consequences. Some say its what you will be born in another birth, some say it's going in heaven or hell but I think we just have one life and we have to face the consequences of our decisions in this life only. You do good and good will happen to you, you do bad and bad will happen to you.

In ancient times whatever was good for men they got the status of God like Tulsi, Sun, Water, etc. so that people would treat it with respect and not destroy it. I think this is how the idea of Karma was born. We are taught that God is everywhere and whatever we do is chronicled and upon that your further fate would be decided. What best to make people do good things and stop them from doing bad things than Karma.

Of course now the problem is that spirituality is taken as a synonym of religion and religion has become a guilt management device. Nobody thinks of God until and unless they are in exam halls and they haven't prepared for the paper, or the day the result is coming, or when people go to temples, church, mosques to wash away their sins. So they happily do the bad and embrace science and if they feel guilty or if they want something people remember God.

In the end Karma is nothing but your conscience. In this world innocents suffer more than sinners but faith is a Godly weapon and hopefully a time will come when no one will be a victim and the sinners will be punished while the Honest women and men are rewarded. Hopefully.

Arushi Raj

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