Monday, 8 April 2013


There are times when you are sitting like me at 12:50 am in front of your laptop, you are tired, listening to Adele and typing the first thing you can think of. Your eyes are drooping, throat is aching and it feels like you are 100 years old with a back problem but worst of all, there is this feeling of a heavy weight on your shoulders. When you think about it you realize that it's not because within few days the results would be out or because your boyfriend's mother is reincarnation of Medusa. They are not the reason you sit in front of your laptop at 12:50 typing shit. It's because you have dared yourself to write the first thing you can think of. Well these were the only words bouncing in my head at 12:50. So, to all the other crazies who are sitting in front of their laptops at this ungodly hour, I hope you all have a great night and go to bed before the dawn breaks.

Arushi Raj

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