Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sexy Suits

If you thought that 'Raising the Bar' was the home of gorgeous lawyers than 'Suits' have the SEXIEST lawyers EVER. Patrick Adams as Mike Ross is a perfect combination of Stoner Boy and Tousled blond in a crumpled suit while Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter is his complete opposite. 

He is polished and ruthless in Gentleman-of-Harvard way. He is almost as charming as Neal Caffery of 'White Collar' but he doesn't have Matt Bomer's heavenly eyes.

The story is kinda cliche and sorta unrealistic. A smart drug dealer gets a second chance when the best lawyer in New York offers him job in the law firm. The cases aren't as addictive as those of 'Raising the Bar' but the office politics and the hypnotic opening theme song 'Greenback Boogie' by Ima Robot compensates for it.

Personally, sexy men in Suits driving hot cars and a bicycle! was enough to get me hooked but the show really needs more twists and turns.

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