Saturday, 16 March 2013

People don't like Vampire Diaries?

After watching People's choice award 2013 it suddenly hit me that Vampire Diaries didn't won a single award. 

Supernatural won Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV show, Nathan Fillion! won Favorite Dramatic TV Actor instead of Ian, Ellen Pompeo won Favorite Dramatic TV Actress instead of Nina (I do Love Ellen Pompeo and her acceptance speech was AMAZING but still).

 Even the Favorite TV Fan Following was won by SPNFamily (Supernatural). This really sucks! At the very least Ian could have got an award. People vote for People's Choice Award. Ian have 3,505,127 Twitter followers and there are over 13 Million Vampire Diaries Fans in Facebook! It's weird, not a single award? Well, there is always the next year. So guys, VOTE.

Arushi Raj

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