Monday, 11 March 2013

For my Lovely Friends:

Thank You Priya Darshini for always listening to me obsessing about Ian Somerhalder and drawing diagrams for me in Physics Journal and just for being with me. Thank you and I Love You!

Thank You Riya Maitra for being my first friend and introducing me to the most important people in my life. I Love You.

Thank You Sania Maryam Imran for understanding my fascination for fashion and Damon Salvatore and for becoming my soul sister. Also thank you for irritating the hell out of me in VC. Classes without you would have been a torture.

Thank You Aashay Pawar for not sending me to a psychiatric care center even after spending so much time with me. Thank you for making me smile, thank you for countless burgers and chocolates and thank you for liking all my posts, following all my blogs, reading all my stories, poems and articles. Thank u.

Thank You Darshi Shah for walking with me in PT classes and talking crap about everything. You are my best friend, my sister and my inspiration. thank u

Thank you Shivaranjani Shankar for sharing autos with me and reading chapters and notes before exam in a vain attempt that I would remember anything.

Thank You Debapriya Sinha for being the best Chemistry Lab Partner EVER and for your love and support. 

Thank You Nehal for being my biggest fan and making me feel like a star. Also Thank you for long calls and cute messages.

I know I might be forgetting some of my friends. Sorry guys my hands are killing me. But thank u thank u thank u for everything. I Love you guys.... <3 

Arushi Raj

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