Sunday, 10 March 2013

Disappearing Sparrows

Waking up to the chirping of sparrows is a delightful experience which never ceases to make me happy. I am blessed that our society inhabits so many sparrows who chirp beautiful melodies and in turn I make sure to feed them and provide them with water. The only time I have to wake up without the chirping of these majestic creatures is when I am in Delhi in summer vacations. At first I thought there wasn't any sparrows in that area but when my mother told how even she used to feed sparrows I started researching on how they were disappearing. 

Some say with the widespread use of pesticide the population of worms and inspects has dwindled rapidly which in turn has led to the decline in the number of sparrows. Others believe its because of all the towers and radiations in the city. 

Whatever the reason may be but the conclusion is that great number of sparrows are dead and yet the Government claims that there is no immediate threat of extinction. Yeah, right!!! If this continues then the next generation wouldn't know the joy of waking up to sparrow's chirping or the excitement of watching them fly around the gardens. :-( 

Arushi Raj

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