Monday, 21 January 2013

Honour Killing

There is nothing more painful than loosing your loved one and that's why I can never understand that how parents or any other elder of the family kill their own kids for the sake of delusional honour? To top it off such people don't even feel guilty or remorseful.

I know that we think that Honour killing is a phenomena of village where people are illiterate. Even I used to think that too but recently I was talking to a woman in MUMBAI - a teacher who takes tuition for Maths - and she very proudly declared that she believes in Honour Killing! Ugh!

If a teacher who is responsible to shape the minds of the next generation thinks like this then even God can't save us. At the very least, the educated class should not support such horrendous social evils. We need to change our mentality.

Just because someone gives us birth that doesn't imply that they have a right to take away our freedom or Life!

Arushi Raj

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