Saturday, 12 January 2013

Facts about being FAT!

  • You can either wear tormentingly loose t-shirts or normal tees have to be accompanied by jackets or cardigan.
  • Every slice of cheese that you gulp registers in your brain and even though you vow to yourself that you will stop eating sooooo much, you just cant!
  • Say bye-bye to skirts, shorts or fitting jeans.
  • It takes forever to find clothes that "looks good" but also "fits" and most of the time you have to come back empty handed.
So pretty much being fat sucks but so what?! I am not in favor of obesity but I am done waking up every morning trying to re-collect what I ate yesterday. Maybe you don't have "bikini-body" or "size zero figure". If that's the case then congratulations darling you are not going to suffer from malnutrition and brittle bones. There is nothing more tormenting then seeing a beautiful nice girl suffering from anorexia nervosa just because she thinks she isn't pretty.

 So chill ladies. Who wants to be skeletons when you can be angels. 

Arushi Raj

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