Monday, 19 November 2012

What goes around....comes back around

"What goes around...comes back around", What does it mean? 

You backstab your friend and your favorite heels brake in the middle of the road in a rainy day and you have to hop all the way home....
You cheat in exam and you cant find Autoriksha for two hours while returning home....
Some Casanova guy plays with millions of women but could never be with the one girl  he loves the most....

I guess it means we make our own heaven or hell and we have to live in it in this world only. Maybe there is a after-life, maybe not but We cannot escape this world without facing the consequences of our actions. After all every action has a equal and opposite reaction..

Arushi Raj


  1. wow!arushi raj stating newtons third law of motion as a law of philosophy.nice one!

    1. Thank you. Who says arts and engineering can't work together. We do