Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Twilight Saga Movies

The reason why fans all over the world hold their breath for Twilight movies is not because the movies are great or even good but because the novels are AMAZING! But somehow as the time passed the movies became better and actors started acting, which brings us to the last movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2. 

Even though there was no flow in the beginning, just scene after scene of "Oh! we are so happy" but near the end there was a beautiful flow in the story and a breath-taking twist. The only issue I ever had with the ending in the novel was that the whole second part is devoted to everyone getting ready to fight but that never happens. Don't get me wrong - I love happy endings - but I wouldn't have minded few dead bodies, just few.

 Spoiler Alert! In movie we can see Alice's vision where The Volturi is being massacred by the Cullens and their friends and Aro sees with a HD  picture quality how he was burned by newborn Bella Cullen. That explained why in the novel he was looking so peculiarly at Bella. Long story short he gets super scared and he runs for the hills

My favorite part in the whole movie was how in some scenes the words from novels were shown. Like when Edward and Bella were sitting in their meadow and Bella lets Edward read her thoughts, then just at the end, the last line of the novel is shown and the word forever is highlighted. It was beautiful. 

Christina Perri's Thousand Years was just a perfect ending of a magical saga and Green Day's forgotten was a bittersweet goodbye.

Maybe because it was the last movie of the saga or maybe because I saw it with my boyfriend on our anniversary, whatever the reason I Loved it....

Arushi Raj


  1. mahn! u write so fucking nicely!!!
    why the fuck dont u complete ur novels?

    1. Because I am a Lazy arse, my darling