Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Similarities between Twilight Saga and Fifty Shades Trilogy

Narrators Bella and Anastasia, they both are brunettes with extremely pale skin who are extremely clumsy. The do not realize that they are breathtaking gorgeous and are addicted to novels.

Their lovers Edward Cullen and Christian Grey are super rich, super hot copper haired sexy man who have an extremely dark secret.

Greys and Cullens are adopted children.

Mia and Alice are over-loving, over-enthusiastic sister who became very close friends with their brother's girlfriends (Anastasia and Bella).

Brother and Sister Ethan and Kate Kavanagh and Rosalie and Jasper Hale dates brother and sister Mia and Elliot Grey and Alice and Emmett Cullen.

Jose and Jacob tries to kiss Anastasia and Isabella.

There is a break up, the reason - keeping Bella and Anastasia safe - though in Twilight Saga Robert initiates the break up while in Grey Trilogy Anastasia initiates it.

Arushi Raj

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