Thursday, 25 October 2012

Vampire Diaries Season 4

First episode: Finally, finally Elena is dead un-dead and is on the verge of becoming a vampire. Damon is continually reminding his little brother and the Love of his life that She needs to feed right from the human source but Stefan wants to exhaust all the possibilities before Elena has to be "Eternally Damned". Oh Stefan grow up! The episode winds up with Elena feeding and turning into a hot Vampire.

Second episode: Damon warns that Elena needs to drink from human vein but Stefan is super hopeful and believes she can forever feed on poor gorgeous deer. Shame on you Stefan! Of course in the end Elena sucks Matt's blood and everything is all good except for deadly vampire hunter and petty sibling rivalry.

Personal note: Stefan please don't use your head and let Damon call the shots and Elena ditch Stefan and hook up with Damon. It has been four bloody seasons for the love of God. Wake up darling!

Arushi Raj

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